Educational Trust

The St. Anthony Catholic Church Educational Trust was established in 1995 for the long-term benefit of St. Anthony Schools. Its mission is to allow for the ongoing continuation of affordable Catholic Education at St. Anthony Schools.


The Trust at a Glance

The trust is a separate & distinct entity from the Parish, Diocese, and other trusts and foundations by St. Anthony Parish and Schools.

The trust is operated under its own federal tax identification number and is tax exempt under IRS Section 501(c). Gifts to the trust are tax deductible.

Contributions & Investments

Trust contributions are invested in several different ways:

The current value of the trust is over


Over the last ten years, the trust has averaged a

8% return

The gain on trust assets is over


Expenses for the trust to this date are less than



The trust has received over


in contributions since its beginning

To date, the trust has distributed over


directly to St. Anthony Schools

The Trust's Impact

The Educational Trust helps our schools stay up to date, as well as making quality Catholic education more attainable for those who otherwise could not afford it.

School Upgrades

  • New Books
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Science Equipment
  • Library
  • Music Department
  • Computer Software Costs


  • Parish Scholarship Program
  • Cornelia Gardewine Scholarship
  • Educational Trust Scholarship
  • Jim & Kay Jansen Scholarship

Gifts Accepted

  • Cash
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Artwork
  • Retirement Accounts
  • IRA or Retirement Distributions
  • Collectible and Tangible Assets
  • Real Estate
  • Named as a Beneficiary in a Life Insurance Policy
  • Eligible for Company Matches

Gifts may be donated to the St. Anthony Catholic Church Educational Trust to be used as best needed by the Trust, or gifts may be identified or "earmarked" for special use by the parish or schools.

Ready to make a difference?

For more information about the trust or to make a contribution, please contact:

Paul Hartke, Trustee
217-821-2931 |
701 N. Parkview | Effingham, IL 62401