December 11, 2022

Becoming Intentional Disciples – Miraculous Healing

Miraculous Healing

“The desert and the parched land will exult… They will bloom with abundant flowers, and rejoice with joyful song…Be strong, fear not! …HE comes to save you” (Isaiah 35; 1-6).

Have you ever witnessed a miraculous healing like scripture speaks of? I have, really, I have witnessed the gospel come to life! I saw the Lord take a 13 year old girl that had been unable to walk, and through prayer, she was miraculously touched by God, and she runs around today. I have seen the power of addiction broken miraculously through prayer and God’s grace. Most beautifully, I have witnessed the poor have good news of hope, love and mercy proclaimed to them; a joyful smile filled with new life exuding from their soul. A common thread in each instance was each person seemed to be near despair and completely surrendered and put their last hope and faith in Jesus.

We are entering the 3rd week of Advent with continuous preparation and waiting. Let us be patient and persevere. Let us encourage each other by willing our mind, body and soul to rejoice and praise Jesus in every instance. It’s ok to tell HIM you’re tired, share your heart, etc. Even HIS cousin, John the Baptist, questioned, “Are You the the one Jesus or do we need to look for another!” The Lord will meet us in our weariness. HE is the light, the way, the truth.

What miracle are you seeking?

Have you experienced or witnessed a miracle (big or small)?

Are you weary or fearful?

Come Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, we thank You and we praise You for leading us and guiding us closer to You. Lord, come save us. Please put someone in our lives to share Your goodness and Your love, allowing You to become fully alive in us. Lord, help us then go forth sharing this good news to bring glad tidings to the poor. Our Lady of Immaculate Conception pray for us.


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