December 25, 2022

Becoming Intentional Disciples – The Word Became Flesh

The word became flesh.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. There were 14 generations between Abraham and Joseph when Emmanuel was born. When the time came close, Joseph searched for a proper place to welcome the son of God. But everyone was too busy, no one had room. The King of the Universe was born as a helpless, needy, cuddly little baby crying. HE was born in a place welcomed by animals, the poor and the outliers like wiseman and shepherds. Yet the word of God became flesh among them! When I contemplate this and ponder how Joseph and Mary must have felt, I think I would have been frustrated, angry, and ashamed that I couldn’t have provided better for Jesus. Yet I suspect Joseph was cool, calm and collected, as he prayerfully and confidently accepted each obstacle of denied entry. I can imagine he calmly eased any fears and discomfort Mary experienced confidently trusting in God.

Then the moment came in the city of David and the Savior was born. Oh the joy for those present, the divine presence of God becoming flesh and blood. The cold night air and the lack of all comfort suddenly didn’t matter for the divine presence of God was experienced. Christ–Mas! More Christ, more of God being with us, in us, working through us. The intense awe, wonder, and divine love exuded from this sweet, beautiful little dependent baby. Wow, what a marvelous miracle, the incarnation, the word of God became flesh!

What does Christ-Mas look like in your life? How did/does the word become flesh in your life?

When has God sent an angel or messenger to lead you to HIM?

What was your first encounter with Jesus like?

Lord God – thank You for becoming flesh, showing us who You are and what love looks like. Thank You for Your mercy and Your love. Thank You for sending angels into our lives to lead us to You. Lord, please forgive us for the moments we were too busy to accept You and welcome You. Please have mercy on us and help us to continue to allow Your word to become flesh in our lives everyday. Sweet baby Jesus, we love and adore You! Blessed Mary and St. Joseph, thank you for showing us the model of a Holy Family, please pray for us. Merry Christmas!


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